Weekly Envelope Collection  

The new packs of envelopes are now been delivered to houses,  if you haven’t received your box please contact the parish office.   Once again,  a very sincere thank you  to all of our contributors  who  kindly give up your time to deliver the boxes.

If you do not receive a box of family  offering envelopes and would like to  – please ring the parish office on 61699 or fill in the request form on the back of this newsletter.

The weekly envelope or Direct Debit  contribution  is the only money that stays in the parish.  This  runs the parish  on a day to day basis and covers all  parish  expenses,  maintenance/improvements  on all parish buildings, car parks etc.    It is a vital  collection  for the upkeep of the parish and we are very grateful to all those who do  contribute so  generously by  both parish  envelopes  or direct debit.

CHY 3  forms will be sent out automatically  to those  people who need to have them  updated this year. If you haven’t already completed a CHY3 form, we would really   appreciate you filling it  out and allowing the parish to reclaim the tax  on  donations. If you  need  more information about the CHY3  tax reclaim  please contact Debbie in the parish office.