Priests of the Parish

Fr Aquinas Duffy PP


Fr Gerard Deegan CC

0404  67196

0404  67133

Parish Secretary

Sacrament Co-ordinator

Mrs. Debbie Hanlon

Mrs Geraldine Egan

0404 61699

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Mr. Aidan Earls

Mr. Tom Murphy

Mr Ray Collard


Sacristy: 0404 69031


Church Cleaner

Mrs Aideen Bolger

Mrs Collette Murphy

Church Caretaker Mr Joe Hanlon

  • Fr Aquinas Duffy PP.
  • Fr Gerard Deegan CC
  • Mr Pat Egan   –  Chairperson
  • Mrs Debbie Hanlon      –    Co Secretary
  • Mrs Geraldine Egan     –    Co Secretary
  • Mrs. Susan Martin
  • Mrs Bernadette Jarrett
  • Miss Anne Cummiskey
  • Mr Seamus Walker
  • Mrs Roisin Cosgrave
  • Mrs Maire McCann
  • Mr Jacob Braswell

The purpose of the Council is to facilitate Parishioners and Priests to work together in the care of the Parish. The Council reflects, makes recommendations and assists in the Spiritual and Pastoral Development of the Parish.

The Council selects its own Chairperson and secretary. The Parish Priest is the President of the Council. The names of the members are published on the notice board in the Church porch.

The Parish Pastoral Council in this Parish is a very active and vibrant one, that works very well together and also works very hard together, to strive to help enhance the Parish wherever and however  it can.

The PPC in the Parish was responsible for  the installation of the  Parish Webcam, the reinstating of the Annual Abbey Mass, the Mass of the Angels, the Mass for those who have been bereaved by Suicide, the Mass for Healing,  the Way of the Cross and  Famfest to name but a few.

They also  work with and help other groups in the Parish where necessary, like the Bereavement Group for the preparation of the November Mass or the Parish Hospitality Group when necessary.

Should you have a suggestion for the PPC, please contact any of the members or ring the Parish Office, where we would be happy to help you.

  • Fr Aquinas Duffy PP
  • Fr Gerard Deegan CC
  • Mr Joe Murphy   –  Chairperson
  • Mr. Noel Gerathy
  • Mr. Jimmy Kavanagh
  • Mr. Eamon Sheridan
  • Mr. Leonard Murphy

This committee oversee the Parish finances and advise on the expenditure within the parish.

Ministers of the Eucharist are lay people who have been invited by the Parish Priest, to help with the distribution of Holy Communion at Masses and to bring the Blessed Sacrament to the sick and housebound.  There is a short meeting and training course before being formally commissioned as a Eucharistic Minister.

Once commissioned, Eucharistic Ministers can distribute at daily or weekly Masses or distribute to the housebound or those in care homes.  Should Ministers decide to go on the weekly or weekend rosters  –  they will get a six-month roster whereby they are on duty for two months of the six.

The Distribution of Holy Communion to the Sick and Housebound is a very special Ministry.   Those who receive the Blessed Sacrament find it a privilege and a great comfort to be able to receive on Sunday mornings (including Blainroe & Knockrobin Care Homes). They also preside over a Eucharistic Service every second Friday in Wicklow Day Care Centre.   This is also a marvellous service to be able to provide and a great link between our Parish and those who are unable to attend the Mass.

New members are always welcome. If you would like to get involved in this Ministry please give your name to one of the priests or leave or get in touch with the Parish Office.


  • Debbie Hanlon – Sunday Roster
  • Mary Murray – Weekday and Home Visitation Roster
  • Rathnew  –  Parish Office

The Baptismal Team is made up of parishioners who assist in the preparation for, and the celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism. They represent the larger community in welcoming the child to be baptised into the Christian community with love and prayers for their future peace and happiness in the years ahead.

The Baptismal Team meet the parents (normally on the Wednesday evening before the Baptism). Godparents are also very welcome to attend this meeting. They help parents and godparents understand the responsibility and task they are taking on in their roles in passing on the gift of faith to their children/Godchildren.

They will also discuss the format for the ceremony and encourage members of the family to participate in the ceremony.  The Team is available to help out in a practical way on the Baptism day, ensuring that the celebration is a special and meaningful one for everyone concerned.

New members are always welcome on this team.

The Funeral Team is made up of Parishioners who assist the priest with the Funeral liturgy.   They work in pairs on the day of the funeral and on the evening of the reception (where applicable) as a quiet presence in the background supporting both the priest and the family.

They assist the bereaved, in whatever way this is needed, mainly by reassuring them, and accompanying them to the lectern for the readings, prayers of the faithful and in bringing up the gifts & symbols.

They represent the wider Christian community during what is a very sensitive, emotional and difficult time for the family.   They make the family feel welcome and at home in the Church.

New members are always welcome.


The Parish Office strives to be a friendly and welcoming office to all its visitors and callers.

It is an extremely busy office with the daily administration and general inquiries being the main function of the office on a day to day basis.

This includes working with the Priests, Parishioners, the Parish Pastoral Council, Sacristans and dealing with the secretarial requirements of the various Parish Pastoral Groups.

Find out more on the Parish Office page:

Wicklow Parish Office

The ministry of reader is a very important one in today’s Church and recognised as a vital role in the celebration of Mass.    This group of men, women and children proclaim the Word of God to the congregations at all Sunday and weekday liturgies.

Ministers volunteering for this role are normally on duty for a month for the weekend Masses and a week for the weekday masses.

New readers are always welcome.



  • Mary Scanlon – Weekday 10am Mass
  • Geraldine Egan – Saturday Vigil & Sunday 11.30
  • Rathnew – Marion O Meara