Partnership Pastoral Council Update

Partnership Parish Council Committee 

We are delighted to inform you that the above committee has now been established arising and following on from the Building Hope initiative established last year.

Elected were Chairperson Hilary Madden, Secretary, Anne Cummiskey, Committee members Patrick Egan and Pat O’Sullivan, Catherine Malone, Fr. Aquinas Duffy, Fr. Eamonn Crossan  and Fr. Gerard Deegan.

Review of Mass Schedule

One of the first tasks of the  Partnership Parish Council Committee is to review the current  Mass Schedule to  provide a realistic mass Schedule that will be sustainable in the long term.

Currently within our Parish Partnership three priests cover a total of nine Mass over any one given weekend. This works well while the three priests are available.. Unfortunately we do not currently have any retired priests living in the area who can help with the Mass schedule. . In the event of one priest not being available due to Annual Leave, Retreat or sickness etc.  it would not be possible to honour the current schedule.


There will be headcounts  conducted at weekend Masses over the month of November. These numbers as well as the distance churches are from each other and times of masses will be used to compile a contingency Mass Schedule which would go into place in the event of there only being two  Priests  to cover the area and another schedule if there is just one priest.

It is hoped that we will  have the Mass schedule indicating where Mass would be in the event of there only being two priests in place in early 2024.


We will keep you updated with progress on this but please feel free to feed your thought into the process by contacting your Parish Pastoral Council