Code of Conduct for Staff & Volunteers

Parish of Wicklow & Rathnew

Code of Conduct for Staff & Volunteers

Staff & Volunteers in the Archdiocese of Dublin are uniquely placed to act as positive role models to children and young people participating in Church activities. Such participation provides the opportunity to promote the development of self-confidence and enhance the wellbeing of the children & young people with whom we interact. This agreement serves to articulate the expectations of adult behaviour when working with children & young people in the Archdiocese of Dublin, particularly in the Parish of Wicklow & Rathnew.  It aims to provide confidence to children & young people, staff, volunteers, and parents that safeguarding children and young people is of paramount importance.


To uphold positive safeguarding practices all Staff & Volunteers in contact with children should:

  • ensure the safety of all children & young people by providing adequate supervision and proper pre – planning using safe methods at all times
  • treat all children & young people with dignity & respect
  • treat all children & young people fairly
  • provide an example of good conduct
  • ensure the rights and responsibilities of children & young people are adhered to
  • operate within the Church principles and guidance and any specific procedures
  • be visible to others when working with children
  • challenge and report potentially abusive behaviour
  • develop a culture where children can talk about their contacts with staff and others openly
  • respect each child & young person’s boundaries and help them to develop their own sense of their rights as well as helping them to know what they can do if they feel that there is a problem
  • respect & listen to the opinions of the children & young people
  • be positive & approachable
  • record & report incidents of alleged abuse and poor practice to the designated person
  • maintain confidentiality about sensitive information
  • encourage an anti-discriminatory outlook
  • develop & maintain appropriate working relationships with other staff & volunteers
  • identify & address the needs of disabled children & young people


Staff & volunteers must avoid actions and behaviour that could be construed as poor practice or potentially abusive. Therefore, they should never:

  • hit or otherwise physically assault or physically abuse children
  • develop sexual relationships with children
  • develop relationships with children which could in any way be deemed exploitative or abusive
  • act in ways that may be abusive or may place a child at risk of abuse
  • allow any rough or dangerous play, or inappropriate behaviour
  • allow bullying or permit any abusive peer activities
  • use sanctions that humiliate or harm children & young people
  • condone rule violations
  • spend excessive time alone with children away from others
  • take children to their own home, especially where they will be alone with you
  • speak inappropriately, use bad language, make suggestions or offer advice which is inappropriate, offensive or abusive
  • behave physically in a manner which is inappropriate or sexually provocative
  • have children & young people with whom they are working to stay overnight at their home unsupervised
  • sleep in the same room or bed as a child with whom they are working
  • do things for children of a personal nature that they can do for themselves
  • condone, or participate in, behaviour which is illegal, unsafe or abusive



Staff & Volunteers have the right to:

  • access ongoing training
  • support in reporting suspected abuse
  • fair treatment
  • be protected from abuse by children, young people, parents and other adult members
  • not to be left vulnerable when working with children & young people


Code of Conduct for Staff & Volunteers Agreement


I confirm that I have read and understood the expected Code of Conduct for Staff and Volunteers working with children in the Archdiocese of Dublin/ Parish of Wicklow & Rathnew. I agree to abide by and adopt these standards in all aspects of my work within the Parish.




Parish of Wicklow & Rathnew  

Code of Conduct for Staff & Volunteers Agreement


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