Code of Behaviour Policy

Parish of Wicklow & Rathnew

Code of Behaviour Policy


The Aims of the Code of Behaviour of De La Salle Religion Class are:

To provide guidance for pupils, teachers and parents on behavioural expectations.

To provide for the effective and safe operation of the classes.

To foster caring attitudes to one another and to the environment

To enable teachers to teach their class without disruption.


Before or After Class

Students need to be on time and to be collected from class on time. Parents are reminded that they are responsible for their children before and after class and that hanging around unsupervised outside of class times may give rise to problems.

Parents of Year 1 & 2 Students for First Holy Communion should ensure that the teacher is present before leaving their children in the classroom. The children should be collected from their teacher after class at the main door of the Pastoral Centre.

As Communion classes take place directly after school children may bring a snack to eat provided that they leave their table and the classroom clean and tidy and dispose of any rubbish correctly.


Classroom Rules

Try your best

Stay in your seat

Keep your hands and feet to yourself

Ensure you have your necessary books/supplies.

No chewing gum or fizzy drinks in the classroom.

Listen when your teacher is speaking

Put your hand up and wait your turn to speak

Listen to each other and be respectful of each other.

Pupils are expected to treat all adults and fellow pupils with respect and courtesy at all times.  Behaviour that interferes with the rights of others to learn and to feel safe is unacceptable.

Acceptable Standards of Behaviour

Speak politely

Use good manners

Respect others and their property


Unacceptable Standards of Behaviour

Behaviour that is hurtful, including bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimisation

Behaviour that interferes with teaching and learning

Threats or physical hurt to one another

Inappropriate language of aggressive behaviour

Damage to property of others and the Pastoral Centre.


Parents/Guardians  Responsibilities

Encourage children to have a sense of respect for themselves and for the property

Be interested and supportive in their classwork

Be familiar with this Code of Behaviour

Co-operate with teachers in instances where their child’s behaviour is causing difficulties for others.

Communicate with the class teacher in relation to any problems which may affect their child’s progress or behaviour.


Parish of Wicklow & Rathnew

    Code of Behaviour Agreement


I confirm that I have read and understood the expected Code of Behaviour Policy for the Parish of Wicklow & Rathnew. I agree to abide by and adopt these standards while attending Parish classes.


Childs Name(printed) :  __________________________________

Signed: __________________________________


Parent/Guardian (printed) : ______________________________

Signed: __________________________________


Date: ______________________________________